Why Game Design?

Honestly, I thought long about what kind of story I wanted to tell you. Why I chose this. And I can’t think of anything worthy of telling you. But I’m gonna try anyway! I never thought me wanting to be a game designer was something special, was something I could do. I saw it as a profession that would be close to my interests. But nothing more. I thought you could only become a great game designer in America or Japan. So instead of telling you the reason. I shall begin with the story of how I started gaming. I was never good at getting straight to the point haha.

My brother got me into gaming when I was five years old. At the time it was only gameboy games. My first game that I remember playing is Pokemon Blue. I couldn’t read or understand English, so I just went ahead and did random stuff. Not really playing the game since I didn’t understand what I should do. Slowly but surely I learned new words and discovered how to play. Sometimes my brother would let me play on the Playstation. I remember playing something that had to do with Muppets racing. In my mind it is the best thing ever. After a few years of playing various nintendo games, our parents bought us a Xbox 360. That was the best thing they could ever do. I never saw it as something else than normal. Gaming is normal. It’s a part of my life. Just like little girls that play with dolls. I played outside, watched cartoons and I gamed. A normal childhood. Now what made me want to do this as a profession? What made gaming so special that I could consider it as a profession. I mean, I never thought about a job as a professional dollmaker. So it has to be something more than just a toy or a good childhood memory.

Maybe it’s because when you grow up, certain things will be considered too lame. A doll stays a doll. It doesn’t change when you grow up. It may get some improvements. But the idea is still the same. Games do change over the years. A new game is a whole new experience. While a new doll just means more of the same. I guess what I want to say is that games grow up with you. You might change the genre of games you play. But you keep playing. You keep enjoying these new experiences.

I always wanted to make this my job. But never dared to ask my mom. She was against such things. (I remember logging on to the computer and seeing a file called ‘Does my child have a game addiction?’) She wanted me to be a vet or a lawyer. Anything that had to do with being ‘smart’ (or rather socially acceptable). I found the courage to ask her in my last year of high school. I remember being scared that I would end up doing something with my life that I would regret. My dad always said “Do something you love. Getting paid has to be the bonus.” Nothing, except game design, seemed like a worthy option. I imagined being a psychiatrist. Looked a bit dull in my eyes. A vet? Maybe an animal would die under my watch. Lawyer? Please, as if I want to defend criminals plus I feel icky when lying. My list grew shorter and shorter over the year. Until I had nothing left. Then by some miracle, my brother tossed a book to me. Bingo. Game design. My mom agreed without too much nagging (which was very surprising to me. Now she even brags about it to her friends).

I guess I never really told you the reason why. And that’s because I don’t have one distinct reason. It’s something my heart tells me to do. It’s something that seems like it is the only option for me. This course contains all the things I enjoy doing. Drawing, programming, … It’s perfect. I don’t really know if I’m good at all this. But I still have some time to better myself. I like improving and seeing my improvement.


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