Digital Art

Haunting Princess


Hello there!
I have returned with another painting! This time it’s a bit creepy (it’s October after all. :p) I started this a month back but didn’t finish it because I didn’t like the original background. So instead of just letting it be, I decided to change the concept. (Also this idea let me unite my love for glowy stuff and digital painting. I’m a sucker for glowy things. haha) The initial idea was to paint a princess (or something along those lines) in a library. The final product is more interesting than the original idea, so all in all, I’m happy with it.

I’m still trying to find ‘my’ style. But I think I’m getting close. I would like to add a little more depth into my next paintings. It seems like it’s still lacking something (or maybe that the self-criticism talking.)

Thank you for looking/reading! ♥

Ps: You can always find me on Instagram, deviant Art and art station under the name ‘missmien’. I try to post some wip’s on instagram so if you like to know what I’m up to, definitely go check it out.


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