Digital Art

Capricious Weather

girl bloody umbrella 2

I’m back with another post. This time it isn’t some random assignment that we’ve received in a random class. Nope, I’m actually sharing something I made in my spare time. Normally these things tend to stay private. (I’m not that comfortable with sharing ‘failed’ pieces. haha) But this one turned out so great! The first sketch was really different, mostly because I wanted to draw something apocalyptic. The idea was to paint a girl with a very bloody umbrella. I’m still thinking about making that piece. Maybe I can turn this into a series, that would give me the opportunity to practise on various things. The title is inspired by the combination of the umbrella and the sunny day. She’s prepared for anything! Except.. snowstorms and stuff. Okay, she’s only prepared for one thing. (Very mild rainy weather)

I dedicated my summer to learning how to become better. (And I’ve been forcing myself to get out of my very small comfort zone. It’s ridiculously small, small enough to feel a bit claustrophobic.) I think that my work paid of. 😀 (


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