Digital Art

Character Design

These drawings were made with the intention of recreating an art style. Our teacher asked us to randomly pick a piece of paper (with the name of the artist written on it.) I got Borderlands 2 and Loish. I am very pleased with how the Loish drawing turned out. But I’m not super happy with the Borderlands drawing. I can see the many errors I made in the anatomy and they keep bugging me. I guess this is one of those times where you just have to accept that you didn’t do so great. Just learn from your mistakes and move on. (Please ignore the arms. I know that I switched them haha.)

It’s weird to see the same character in different styles. Especially because she seems so different. In the Loish style she looks quite friendly and a bit sassy. But in the Borderlands Style she looks a bit older and less happy. (Also a bit sick but that’s my fault. Like I said I made many errors in that drawing. Her body is very wrong haha. I also made some errors in the other drawing like for example the foot.) I’m still amazed that I drew this. This is the first time that I drew a full body. I was always afraid that it was going to look awful and that’s why I limited myself a lot. Now I know that if I want to improve I need to make ‘bad’ drawings too. I need to allow myself to make mistakes so that I can learn from them. No one can be great at something at the first try. Our teacher showed us what was wrong with the drawings and thanks to his advice I feel like I won’t make those mistakes again.


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