Digital Art

Prop design Teddybear


This prop is part of a ‘reclaimed-by-nature-setting’. Which clarifies why there are plants chilling around the teddy bear’s body. My teacher found it a quite unsettling, sad idea. He may be right. But when everything’s abandoned for years, you have to expect seeing stuff like this. The idea behind this was that a little girl dropped her teddy bear and she wasn’t allowed to pick it up. The whole village was trying to escape the town because of some sort of weird ‘disease’. People kept going missing and no one wanted to take any chances. The survivors of this whole ordeal refuse to talk about what happened.

This teddy bear is one of my best drawings/paintings. I spend a lot of time painting everything, especially the pretty ribbon. The fur was also quite a hassle to paint. Not that it is super difficult but it gets a bit repetitive after a while. Someone suggested that I should just use a texture instead of painting it. But I quickly dismissed that idea. I want to learn how to do everything properly and if I would place a texture beneath every ‘difficult’ area then I wouldn’t become any better. You know what they say: ‘Practise makes perfect’.


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