Digital Art

Typography: Book Cover

coverWhen our teacher told us that we could not use any images or drawings but only typography for this assignment, I was a bit lost. I had never ever done something like this. We got a list of several books and we had to think about a new cover for the book that you chose. I chose Misery by Stephen King, mainly because I had read the book. If you know what the book’s about then you can find a fitting cover. Or that’s what I taught at least.

The book is about an author that gets injured. His ‘saviour’, coincidentally also his biggest fan, is a girl who is not a-okay in her little noggin. She is obsessed with the characters of his book and would do anything to get her perfect ending. The author, a guy, wants to end the story. I guess you can see where that’s going. Throughout the whole story, the guy gets served a lot of soup. That’s where I got my inspiration from. Why not make the cover look like alphabet soup?

If I could go back and make little changes, I would try to make the letters seem less yellow. It’s not bad, but I think it would be better if the letters would be less vibrant. Nonetheless I am happy with the result.


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