3d models

Modelling: Hand

Our teacher showed us how we could model a hand. He showed the whole process step by step and we had to follow along (But we couldn’t just copy the whole thing. It had to be your own hand). I am not so great with following along. I get a bit stressed when there’s some sort of ‘time pressure’. When I’m stressed, I cannot do something properly. Which resulted in my hand looking like it had been stomped on by Sasquatch. But as I learned from a previous assignment, being stubborn would get me nowhere. So I started anew on my own at home.

hand progress

This is a progress picture from my second try. Here I still had to connect the fingers to the hand itself. I was a bit afraid of doing so, as I failed to make it look natural in my previous attempt. The thumb was also looking better than the first version. It actually looked like a thumb instead of a stick poking out of the hand. Almost everything is an improvement in this picture.

cropped-render.pngThis is the final result. The render makes it look a bit weird, but I assure you it isn’t that warped. The fingertips are less round. I am a bit proud of this project. As it is something I thought would never turn out great. But luckily I proved myself wrong yet again!


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