Traditional Art

Game Art: Little red riding hood.

Our first assignment for Game Art was a bit fun. Although I did not make the best drawing for this. I loved thinking about how I could portray the story. We got to choose between 3 different stories of little red riding hood. The kid’s version, the adult version or a poetic version. We had to make two different drawings. Below you can view them with an explanation.

Little red riding hoodFor the first one I chose the adult version. I kept the girl looking rather young and sweet. Not knowing the horrors that await her. She had to look a bit carefree. As for the wolf. I tried to make him look sinister. But as you can see he’s not so evil-looking. He lacks the roughness that would make him less friendly looking. He would be the danger lurking in the dark. At this point I realized I had to practise more on my drawing and my designing skills. It was also hard for me to not draw manga. After years of practising that art style I finally had to let it go. And let me tell you. It feels quite good to do that. I feel in a way more liberated. Like there was a massive boulder in my way. And now that I won’t draw any manga anymore, that boulder broke into small pieces. And now I’m trying to remove those pieces. One by one. The fact that they are smaller does not mean that they are light. They’re still heavy but not impossible to move.

little red riding hood 2For the second one, I opted for the kids version. But I kept in mind that it hadn’t to be childish because it was based on the kids version. I kept the style childish but what is depicted looks more ‘gruesome’. It’s not something really bloody. But the face of the grandmother is plastered on the wolf. The pillow contains some red blotches to accentuate what the wolf did in order to pose as dear grandma. I kept the drawing rather empty to make it feel like it’s only them. The whole world doesn’t matter when this scene takes place. But maybe I made a mistake choosing to keep it empty. Maybe a little cabin would’ve made it feel more warm and cozy. But the wolf’s intentions are not warm and cozy. So I am rather happy with my choice.


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