Emergent technologies – What is your crime?

Emergent technologies. A weird class that didn’t really make any sense at the beginning. What was the point of this class? What are we learning from this? And the questions could go on. This post is not to explain what this class is about. (As I have still no idea.) The only thing I know is that we got to choose a random interest and we had to build something. I will be completely honest. I did not understand the whole project until it was too late. I did not know what we had to do. They said do something with an obsession of yours. Instead of doing what I really wanted to do I sadly wrote down that I wanted to work with unity. (Teacher actually gave me that idea) . I would’ve been happier making something that involved making an object in real life. Now I don’t want to say that my whole project is something I detest. At the end I did something that I was satisfied with. But it would’ve been something fun to make.

My project consisted of a quiz and a small encyclopedia about serial killers. This is not a quiz where you have to prove how much you know about them. It’s a personality quiz that tells you which serial killer you are. The quiz’s outcome can be one of the following: Jack the ripper, The Original Night Stalker, The Monster Of Florence, or the Zodiac Killer. It was based on a point system that added 5 points when you were closer to an answer of the Zodiac Killer and subtracted 2 points if it was closer to Jack the Ripper. Those two killers in between had things in common with the both of them. But one leaned more towards Jack the Ripper than the Zodiac Killer and the other vice versa.

After finishing the quiz, it felt like it was lacking something. It felt like it was not an accurate portrayal of my interest. What I like doing is researching things about these serial killers. Knowing everything there is to know. Their method, victims, possible suspects, … So I did the only thing that could be done. I added a small encyclopedia. I listed the victims, method, profile, and the suspects for each killer. For two of them I added an extra category ‘letters’. The information shown wasn’t super detailed. But it was enough to let the reader form an image of the killer.

Below you can see a small preview of the quiz and encyclopedia.

wiycare youjack jakc victikkkk


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