Traditional Art


iGlobeThis was our first big assignment for our drawing class. After a few lessons of drawing circles and cubes, our teacher deemed us ready for drawing objects. Before we started this project we had to draw the objects separately of course. After practising we had to figure out how to combine them.

We got to choose our own objects. I chose a globe and a phone. Mainly because I had a certain vision in mind. I wanted to make my drawing be more than just a combination. I wanted it to have a meaning. In the past we used maps as a way to find our destination. Nowadays we use our phone. They are now our modern globe. So I thought the name iGlobe was very fitting for this project.

I did have some trouble with the perspective of this. Luckily my teacher helped me figure out how to make it a tad better. Because as you can see the perspective isn’t right. I can see the mistakes I made and kind of wish that I could go back and correct them.


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